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PRO Customers = FREE WTC!

As a thank you for your support during our Beta, we will be providing all PRO customers with FREE WTC (Webtalk Coin) upon the launch of Webtalk v1.0.

Every dollar you have spent as a PRO customer will award you with an equal amount of FREE WTC.

ie. $1 spent = $1 in FREE WTC

You will be able to:

  • Spend your WTC to purchase premium features, advertising campaigns, Webtalk swag, and more

  • Sell your WTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Hold your WTC to earn revenue share dividends (WTC holders will earn dividends as Webtalk reaches certain revenue milestones)

Coins will automatically be made available within your Webtalk account at the launch of Webtalk v1.0.

Included will be the amount have spent to purchase your PRO services over the lifetime of your account next to the number of coins, the value at conversion (credits to coins), and the new adjusted market value base on the market demand.

More details will be provided at the launch of Webtalk v1.0


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