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Goodbye Beta. Hello Webtalk v1.0

It's always sad to say goodbye, but we are looking forward to Webtalk's next chapter with all of you. Webtalk's Beta launch was a big success acquiring more than 13 million total users, and over 1.3 million registered users across 138 countries.

We also paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars back to our users through our Rewards program.

That said, the revenue that we generated during our invite-only Beta was not enough to cover the costs of operations to maintain our Beta.

As a result, we depended on financing from private investors to both cover the costs of Beta operations, and to fund the development of new technologies for our v1.0 release.

This week we decided, after some recent technology glitches that caused outages, to simply sunset our Beta due to the costs of repair in effort to apply all new investment funds that we raise into the development of our v1.0 software.

We have already invested over $6.5MM developing our technologies, and we plan to invest several million more to complete our v1.0 platform prior to its official release.

Our goal to provide end-to-end relationship management for our v1.0 release remains the same, but our mission statement has changed. Our new mission; create safety and prosperity for the world through verified data.

Fake data/users online leads to more crime, fake news, and poor quality business relationships.

We believe the world is ready for a more trustworthy community that will lead to a safer and more prosperous future for our global community as a whole. Our v1.0 rewards program will have many new financial incentives offered to our members who get verified.

We here at Webtalk want to thank you all so much for supporting our beta community. You all helped us tremendously to improve our technologies that have led to what we believe will be a world-changing v1.0 release.


What you can expect from our new v1.0 community....

  • Up to 100X Faster

    • Get faster page and content upload and download speeds

  • Introducing Verify

    • Monetize your content

    • Referral rewards

    • Gain more followers

    • Be discovered for more opportunities

    • Free premium "Talkmail" messaging

  • Introducing Webtalk Coin

    • Next generation cryptocurrency

  • Introducing Rewards+

    • Earn more rewards

  • Introducing Flix

    • Video sharing service like no other

  • Introducing Groups-On-Demand

    • Creating and joining groups has never been easier

  • Introducing Pages

    • Showcase your businesses and brands

  • Introducing Webtalk Ads

    • Launch your own targeted ad campaign in Webtalk

  • Introducing Webtalk Credits

    • New platform to purchase and share credits

  • Introducing Webtalk Swag Store

    • Get awesome custom-branded Webtalk gear

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All PRO customers will be given credits for EVERY DOLLAR you spent during our Beta that you can use to purchase Webtalk Coin, Webtalk Premium Features, Webtalk Swag and any other product or service offered by Webtalk during the v1.0 release.

Click here to read our PRO Customer Credit blog


Your entire downline will be migrated and made available in the v1.0 release


All of your account data including profile data, photos, videos and news feed posts will automatically be migrated and made available in the v1.0 release


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